The Waffles Playlist


Music is important. It can inspire us, make us laugh and reduce us to tears. When I am writing the manuscript itself, or performing complicated edits, I choose to either write in silence or put something quiet and ambient on so that I can effectively ‘ignore’ the music whilst still getting the most out of its ability to help me concentrate.

However, during the ideas stage, when I am brainstorming and throwing ideas around with gay abandon, I prefer to have music that inspires a thought or mood.

I’m unsure if I have mentioned this before, but Don’t Eat the Waffles was originally written in 2013 in the space of about a month. I messed around with some light edits, but nothing that especially changed or improved upon the story. At the time, I was so immensely proud of what I had written that I arrogantly didn’t feel any big edits were required. The only downside to the book was that it was only around 45,000 words long.

So I effectively abandoned the book for five whole years until I realised what the story needed, and how to also bring it up to a respectable 70,000 words to make it fit for publishing.

During that second writing phase of Waffles, I started to compile a playlist of songs that I felt were well suited to the story itself.

I won’t be able to spoil as to why these songs were chosen, and for the sake of not giving anything away by power of suggestion, these songs are presented in no particular order. Also you may literally wonder “what the heck” with one or two of them, but they were more character/mood inspirations than for the story itself.

But nonetheless, enjoy this Waffles playlist. I hope it inspires and entertains you as much as it did me!


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